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Software Club -August 2020 recording


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September 2020 Software Club - ITH Needle Organizer

So the need to wear face masks isn’t going away any time soon says many health experts.  This brings a need of a way to carry them safely when we aren’t wearing them. I’ve been using a Ziploc bag but apparently this is not optimal for a used mask as it traps the moisture of a used mask which increases the risk of microbial growth. If we make a holder with fabric or even mesh, the mask and holder can be washed at the same time.  Alternatively, use a washable liner such as PUL or nylon and wipe down between uses. In this project we will create some different styles of in the hoop (ITH) face mask pouches or holders.  First we will start with a holder for the flatter style of mask which makes it easier to keep an unused mask clean. Then we will make a simple design that uses snaps to hold closed which works for the more contoured style of mask.  Lastly we will make a bigger bag with a zipper that can store the used masks flat and can also be used to hold them in the washing machine. Of course each of these options can be embellished.