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Trans-Web fusible interfacing, 9" x 5 yds

TRANS-WEB TM Fusible Interfacing #4000-7 100% Polyamide web on release paper.
The easy way to make appliqués, apply trims and ribbons.
Offers unlimited uses in crafts, fashions and home decorating.

FUSING INSTRUCTIONS: • Cut Trans-Web slightly smaller than the fabric. • Place Trans-Web textured side down on wrong side of fabric. • Press 10 to 15 seconds with iron set on ‘’Wool’’. Iron in a circular motion to ensure complete coverage. Turn fabric over and repeat process on reverse side. Turn the fabric over again and repeat for another 10 to 15 seconds. Be careful not to burn your fabric. • For appliqué, draw desired shape on paper backing. Because the appliqué will be turned over on the finished project, certain directional designs should be drawn reversed on the right side of the fabric. • Cut out shape. • Carefully peel off the release paper. • Position the appliqué fusible side down on the item to be decorated. Switch iron to ``steam’’ setting. Cover appliqué with a dry press cloth and press firmly for 10 seconds. • Do not glide iron back and forth. Turn pieces over and repeat process on other side of fabric to achieve a smooth secure bond.

IMPORTANT TIPS: • Before beginning any project, be sure to test fuse Trans-Web on samples of the actual materials being used. • A dry iron and press cloth should be used on surfaces which can be damaged by moisture such as cardboard. • If item is to receive frequent laundering, zig-zag stitch the “raw edges” to prevent fraying on the appliqué. • If a mistake occurs in fusing a piece of fabric, it can be easily corrected. Simply cover with a damp press cloth and press for 10 seconds. Gently lift fabric while it is still warm and re-fuse in correct position. • Increase fusing time for heavier fabrics or when you are using several layers of fabric. If fusible web comes in contact with iron, remove with a mild abrasive. Let your imagination soar with Trans-Web; decorative fabrics, patches or appliqués can be bonded quickly to many ordinary things with just the heat of an iron. You’ll take pride in your handiwork whether you wear it or display it; create custom fashions, appliqué sweatshirts, tops, vests, jean jackets, pants, skirts and sneakers. • Fuse trims and appliqués to household items, towels, appliance covers and decorative pillows. • Create window shades, cover lampshades, band boxes, room dividers, picture frames and wall hangings and so much more.

CARE: • Washable and dry-cleanable. For care instructions, follow that of fabrics being used with this product