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Platinum 165Q Stand Up Quilter

1. LED Lighting - LED lighting around the needle area and 30 LED light strip in the workspace offers superior lighting providing you with a clear view of your project.
2. Color Touchscreen - The easy to navigate color touchscreen gives you access to machine features and all machine settings, conveniently located between the handlebars allowing for quick changes.
3. 2 Stitch Regulation Modes - Achieve consistent and beautiful stitch quality by setting the regulated stitch length between 4-18 stitches per inch for a professional finish. Choose between 2 stitch regulation modes for consistent stitch quality with any technique: Precision for easy ruler work and Cruise for precise placement of stitches. 
4. 1,800 spm- Complete your projects in no time with stitching speeds up to 1,800 stitches per minute.
5. Smooth Glide Track System - From large sweeping movements to small calculated designs, you will be able to move your machine gracefully with the smooth glide track system.