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Software Club

Software Club March 2023

Hello everyone, is Spring almost here? 

Due to the number of you who have been signing up to Software Club in the past months, I am going to try something new for Software Club this month.  The project can be done by those of you with the less expensive versions of the embroidery software, so you can also join in the fun.  Anyone with mySewnet™ Silver, Gold and Platinum, OR Premier+2™ Embroidery level and higher, OR Premier+ Embroidery™ level and higher can be used. 

This month’s Software Club meeting will be via Zoom, on Friday, March 10 from 7 to 9 pm and again on Sunday, March 12 from 9:30 to 11:30 am.

I've recently seen a couple of projects on the internet using a design that looks like a vinyl record.  These piqued my interested, so we will be using the Frame and Border tabs to create a record that can be made as a coaster or use it in a quilt.  I'm sure you will come up with other ideas on how to use it for your favourite music lover.

Here's what I've come up with:
  It can easily be made into many sizes.

In order to get the most out of the Zoom session, we found that having two devices was a benefit. You can use your laptop to do the lesson with me and then have the Zoom meeting on a tablet or even smart phone to see what I'm doing on my screen. If you don't have two devices, you can use two windows on the one screen, but it did take some finagling to get it working properly.  We found it useful that the device with your zoom session has voice capability.

If you plan to join me for this month’s Software Club, please sign up online at our website so that I can forward you the instructions and handouts beforehand as well as provide the Zoom information. 

While I have your attention:

I highly recommend you check out the changes that have been recently made to  They have changed the layout of the page with the lessons on how to use the software by creating a new category called Software Education. This now includes, not only the Vantage instructions that have been provided for the last few years, but a new set of Software instructions by Carina Thavelin. The lessons include  .pdf files so you can actually download them and print them.  While the lessons are  using the mySewnet™ software, it doesn't mean that many of the lessons can't be used in the older software.  Take some time to check it out!  

Hope to see you online. If you can't make it on these dates, I will record the session for later viewing so even if you can't actually join us on one of these sessions, you can still sign up and access the information.

Stay safe

Cathy Hamilton