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Software Club

Software Club April 2022

Hello everyone, the weather is really starting to improve, isn't it?

This month’s Software Club will be meeting via Zoom on Friday, April 8 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm and again on Sunday, April 10 from 9:30 to 11:30 am because of the Good Friday holiday.

Do you have a stash of different machine needles scattered all over your sewing room?  Joanne Canning has found a solution.  So this month we are going to create a quilted design that will hold packages of sewing machine needles and keep them all in one place. We will use the wizard to turn clipart into a blank holder.  We will then modify the blank with a quilted fill and insert a design to make an outer design.  The blank will again be modified to add stitching lines to hold an elastic strip which will hold the packages.  You could even add wording to denote which package goes where.

Here's what I've come up with, but haven't stitched it out yet:

In order to get the most out of the Zoom session, we found that having two devices was a benefit. You can use your laptop to do the lesson with me and then have the Zoom meeting on a tablet or even smart phone to see what I'm doing on my screen. If you don't have two devices, you can use two windows on the one screen, but it did take some finagling to get it working properly.  We found it useful that the device with your zoom session has voice capability.

If you plan to join me for this month’s Software Club, please sign up online at our website so that I can forward you the instructions and handouts beforehand as well as provide the Zoom information. If you haven't prepaid for the year, the fee is $15. The coupon code for having paid for the full year has changed this year, so if you have prepaid and don't have the new code, let me know.

Hope to see you online. If you can't make it on these dates, I will record the session for later viewing so even if you can't actually join us on one of these sessions, you can still sign up and access the information.

Stay safe

Cathy Hamilton