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Kimberbell Monthly Club at Sew-Jo's

Kimberbell Monthly Club  - February 2022
This month the project stitches out to be a beautiful spray of wildflower blooms with fringe blossoms. 
The technique for the fringe effect is simple, once your stitch out is done you snip out the bobbin threads on the flowers and fluff them up!
The instructions are to stitch out on a denim tote bag but what you choose to put it on is up to you!
Our sample is done on a piece of denim and it stitched out beautifully - just might give you the opportunity to repurpose some old jeans!

The following link will take you to the directions/instructions to complete this project: Wildflower Blooms.  By providing you with this link you will be able to view the directions on your devices (phone, tablet, etc) instead of printing them.  It will also allow a sneak peak at what supplies you may need when you come to pick up your files. The designs for this project will be available at Sew-Jo's after the 1st of March.
Remember - don't forget your USB Key when you come to pick up your design(s) ... and we'd love to see what you create!  Share photos of your projects on our FaceBook Page!

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