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mySewnet Update

mySewnet™ Update

Hello everyone, I am excited to announce that they have finally done it!  

The mySewnet Library has been changed.  You can now purchase individual designs and own them forever.

This is a feature they have been working on for a while!

The update now gives access to all of the designs in the mySewnet Library to all embroiderers whether you have a WiFi connected machine or not.

If you currently have a subscription, you still have access to more than 6000 designs AND can choose if you want to buy those special designs and keep forever.  If you don't feel the need to have a subscription, you can now purchase them one at a time.

To purchase single designs you will need to sign up for a regular mySewnet account (no fee).  After signing in, go the the Library pick your design(s), add to cart, pay and comeback another day. You now only need a subscription to use the mySewnet software packages or if you want to continue downloading the encrypted files. If you purchase designs you can specify File Format, and go back and get multiple formats if you need them. Designs start as low as $1.29 and can go up to more than $10 each.  

Any questions, please let us know.