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mySewnet Software - New Information

mySewnet Software - New Information

Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the lovely spring like weather this week.

Do you have an embroidery machine and interested in learning more about venturing into the software world?  If the answer is no to either or both of these questions, you don't need to read any further. Thank you for your time.  If the answer is yes, please read on.....

If you have any of our versions of embroidery software, you may receive the Premier+2 Software Newsletter direct from Husqvarna Viking. Have you received the latest version?  If you haven't, you may want to take a look this month.  You can access it at

As would be expected, this newsletter is now transitioning to the mySewnet platform. I am bringing it to your attention because there is a survey included. I highly recommend that if you want to have any say in where the development of this embroidery software is headed in the future, i.e. provide input on what you think is missing, that you complete this survey.

Those of you who own an embroidery machine, and haven't purchased any embroidery software, I hope you have downloaded and installed the free version of mySewnet software.  If not, I'm happy to assist you with any questions or problems.  This software is very helpful in looking at your designs and providing information on them.

Speaking of new software, I am happy to be able to tell you that by the end of the day on March 15 those of you who currently own any of our embroidery software packages, can now upgrade your version of your embroidery software to a new mySewnet Perpetual version. That is what they are calling the version that resides on your computer instead of having to pay a subscription fee each month or annually. The upgrade can be a boxed version for some levels, but as there is virtually nothing in terms of manuals, I would instead recommend upgrading with a digital version.

There will now be three versions of the mySewnet software over and above the free version. With the subscription there are two versions. The Perpetual version does not include access to the mySewnet Library.  You can upgrade versions from 4D and up, if you have not yet upgraded to the Premier+2 version.

The versions are:

mySewnet Silver Equivalent to the Embroidery versions (not Extra or editing capable)
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Embroidery Film Strip
  • Two wizards:  Endless and Split Project
  • Encore
  • Lettering - 245 fonts of which 29 are new.  Unlike previous versions access to all fonts
  • SuperDesigns - 2097 of which 53 and new. Unlike previous versions access to all SuperDesigns.
mySewnet Gold Equivalent to the Extra versions with some modules removed and others added
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Eleven (11) wizards including the new Spiro, WordSculpt, Monogram and the many more that have been available up to now
  • Modify tab
  • Embellish with Decorations
mySewnet Platinum Equivalent to the Ultra or Professional versions
Key Features/Benefits:
  • Modules linked including Draw & Paint modules
  • Digitizing module
  • Full Stitch Editor
  • Cross Stitch, Sketch and more
  • New ability to create Ribbon Embroidery designs

A comparison chart for the Perpetual versions can be found here mySewnet Comparisonchart Perpetual software.pdf.  A comparison chart for the Subscription versions can be found here mySewnet Subscription Comparison Chart.pdf.

In the meantime, don't know anything about mySewnet and what it can do for you, this link may answer some of your questions:  Even if you know a lot about mySewnet, go to this link, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There are new links to the last 4 months project instructions that were part of the Vantage program. These are available for you to download and create projects using the Viking/Pfaff software. The Vantage program is now evolving to the mySewnet platform and is no longer available in its previous platform.  However, in the next few weeks it will become a permanent fixture of mySewnet Help Centre.

If you would like more information on any of these products, please let me know.  At the moment I am in the store on Tuesdays, now that Jo is back full time.  However, I can always be reached by email or zoom.  If you would like a demo of any of these versions to see them in action, I'd be happy to show them to you.

Hope to see you online, if not at the store.

Stay safe

Cathy Hamilton