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Kimberbell Monthly Club at Sew-Jo's

Kimberbell Monthly Club  - December 2020

This month the Kimberbell project is an In-The-Hoop Appliquéd Snowflake with Hello Winter stitching.  By sewing on a few fabric strips and backing it will quickly come together as a throw pillow.

For those that have machines that can handle the bigger hoops, i.e. 200 mm wide, this project stitches out in one hooping. 

For those that have machines where the 5x7 hoop is the largest possible, then the instructions show you how to accomplish the same result in a two-hooping style.

NOTE:  These projects often promote the use of Kimberbell specific products (glitter & pillow).  Due to these covid times we are in, and unreliable shipment and delivery, we did not bring these products in.  We are confident that you can easily find a variety of similar products available locally (at Michaels, Dollar stores, Walmart, etc.).

P.S.   Don't forget your USB key when you come!

Annette & Sherida