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Sew-Jo's Winter Challenge, are you up for it?

Sew-Jo's Winter Challenge, are you up for it?

Sew-Jo's Winter Challenge - using Kraft-Tex

Sew-Jo’s has a new product line!  Many have asked for it and it has finally arrived!  It’s called  Kraft-tex Paper Fabric!  

What is Kraft-Tex?

Kraft-Tex is a rugged paper that looks, feels and wears like leather, but cuts, sews and washes like fabric. It is supple and lightweight, yet strong enough to use for projects that get tough wear. It is an eco-friendly, colour-fast, tear-resistant alternative to leather and vinyl, and comes in basic hues, as well as new hand-dyed colours.  It can be sewn, embroidered, printed on using your printer or hand painted.

SEW who better to ask to test out this product and do amazing and wonderful things and who is always up for a challenge???? Our SEW-JO’S CREATIVE FRIENDS!

The Challenge is.... create "anything you want" using Kraft-Tex!

Your entry must use Kraft-Tex - after that we leave it up to you!

Challenge begins in December and will take us until early February. 

We would love to see your final product.   However, Christmas is only a few weeks away and with the winter weather and covid restrictions that may not be practical.  This time we ask that you submit a good quality picture of your final product.  Our plan is to post pictures of all the projects in February so that everyone can all see what you came up with - Sharing is Caring!

For tips and tricks here's a link to learn all about Kraft-Tex "Leather" Fabric from So-Sew-Easy

SEW - Get your SEW-JO on! 

Let’s see where your creativity takes you!

- Make something with the Kraft-Tex product - turn your creativity free

- Email Subject Line:  Kraft-Tex Challenge
- Submit a picture to 
- Include a written description of what you've done
- Deadline is February 1st, 2021

Jo and Cathy with help from from the squirrels