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Designer Epic Update

Designer Epic Update

Hello everyone,

This note is to let you know that the long awaited update is now available for your Designer Epic machine. There was a delay in getting it out, but better late and have any bugs ironed out! The update will provide the following upgrades and improvements:
    • Support for Multi-Function Foot Control (MFFC)
    • Support for Ribbon Embroidery Attachment (REA)
    • The "Bobbin thread low"-popup will not ignore the needle down feature
    • Remove the subscription expire popup
    • New project files
    • Bug fixes

If you turn your machine on, connect it to wifi and sign into your mySewnet account, the update will automatically install.  I've been seeing complaints that this can take up to 8 hours and is often failing.  I would suggest you wait for a few days until the rush is over. 

Alternatively, if you go to the HV website you can download the file manually on your computer, transfer to a USB stick and then follow the instructions on the website to install it bypassing everyone else.  Beware, the file is over 900MB in size, so even doing the update this way will take some time.  This is the link:

Any questions, please let us know.