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mySewnet™ Update information

mySewnet™ Update information

Hello everyone,

This note is to let you know that a new software is in the process of being released called mySewnet™ Software.  Cathy has had an opportunity to install it and take a look.  This first release will be a subscription based only and is scheduled to become available on November 7, 2020.  A boxed version is scheduled to come out March 2021. 

  • The subscription includes the mySewnet™ Library of designs as a bonus for people who have the high-end machines (i.e. Designer Brilliance 80, Designer Sapphire 85, Designer Epic and Designer Epic 2 machines) that can stitch the .evp3 format. If your machine doesn’t stitch .evp3, the bonus of the library won’t work for you. The software continues to export to all different machine formats as previous versions of the software do now. It is only the bonus of the library of designs that applies only to certain machine users.
  • The subscription is a set price with two levels of software. At the moment, if you currently own the Premier+2 software, you will pay the same price as someone who has never owned the software if you purchase a subscription. There is no special upgrade pricing.
  • To get upgrade pricing from your current software, you would need to get the boxed version of the software that will not be available until March 2021. No pricing is yet available for this.

There are two levels of software version - Silver and Platinum, as well as a basic complimentary or free version.  If you currently have a mySewnet account you have access to the complimentary version. Platinum version is the full featured top of the line version similar to Ultra which is the top of the line for the Premier+2 software.  Silver is the equivalent the Premier+2 Embroidery version, i.e. no editing capabilities.  There is no equivalent for Premier+2 Embroidery Extra version.

Some of the New Features in mySewnet™ Software (* are only in Platinum version):

  • A Draw and Paint Module *
  • A Spiro Designs Wizard *
  • Digitizing capability for the Ribbon Attachment *
  • A Film Strip in the Embroidery module
  • Create your own Word Sculpt shape *
  • Additional Project in the Hoop Designs, Lettering Fonts, Frames, Borders and Super Designs

Those of you who have purchased a Designer Epic 2 and received a free subscription to mySewnet, if you have not yet activated that subscription, it will be the equivalent to the Silver version when you activate it.

As you know, people upgrade to a new purchasable version of software when it has additional features they want. Videos highlighting these features have been created and are starting to be released. Testers have been working in it for a while now and many dealers have previewed the software. Cathy can answer your questions about the new features having played with it. They’ve changed the coloring a bit to give it a new look, but if you have Premier+2, you’ll find your icons and commands in mySewnet™ almost in the same places with only minor differences. They’ve changed the names of some modules: Digitizing instead of Create and Stitch Editor instead of Modify. Once open, the modules work similarly to Premier+2.

When a new version of any software comes out it is always your choice whether or not to upgrade to the new version. Your existing software will continue to work until it reaches product obsolescence. In other words, fixes will stop being provided for it to work with any new operating systems or even updates to the existing operating system. If you run old software and don’t update your PC or Mac OS (operating system), it will continue to work until that computer stops functioning.

It is important to clarify that only the subscription embroideries you use from mySewnet Library use the (encrypted) .evp3 format. The 'e' in their file extension indicates they are from the mySewnet Library.  These files cannot be edited or changed.

The new mySewnet Embroidery software design files all save as a working file (.vp4) for later editing, plus export in all the formats we've had in Premier+2 and earlier versions of the software.

Some people are confused about the Ribbon Embroidery file format, as there has been some misinformation that ribbon designs require the .evp3 format. If you create your own ribbon embroidery in the mySewnet Embroidery software, you will be saving as a .vp3 or .vp4 as you are used to doing in Premier+2 and earlier versions, and you will be able to use them going forward as you would any other embroidery you own. They will not be locked to an active account once you have created and saved then exported them.

mySewnet Embroidery software also has many included embroideries in the Samples, plus tools for making your own embroidery designs, including Ribbon embroidery.

There is more detailed info on what packages are available in the subscription version, and their features and benefits, on the website, just updated today.  If you already own the Premier+2 Embroidery Ultra version, we strongly recommend you wait until the pricing for an upgrade becomes known.

Any questions, please let us know.

Cathy and Jo-Ann