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Designer Epic 2, Designer Epic and Epic 980Q Classes

Designer Epic 2, Designer Epic and Epic 980Q Classes



Hello everyone,

We recently sent a note to those of you who own a Designer Epic embroidery machine, Designer Epic 2 embroidery machine or an Epic 980Q sewing machine, to tell you about a new zoom class I am giving on these machines. Apparently the note was not clear on the details. 

The first class is scheduled to start on Thursday, October 8.  The technique being shown in this class, using the stitches in Menu L, will work on all three models of the machines, though the 980Q cannot do the small embroidery component.  (A work around is provided.) These are pictures of my sample aprons which is the project for the class


The following link will give the details of each class as I know today Epic Technique Classes.pdf.  I will be updating the details in the class description as I get new information.

If you are interested in attending, please sign up online at our  website so that the instructions can be sent out beforehand as well as providing the Zoom information. 

Any questions, please let us know.