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Sew-Jo's Mystery Masterpiece Challenge

Sew-Jo's Mystery Masterpiece Challenge

Hi everyone,

Our spring and first part of the summer have been very unusual to say the least and somewhat stressful for everyone.  So we thought it was time for a little fun, so get your thinking caps on and your creative juices flowing and create a Masterpiece.

There is no theme or reason to this challenge other than something that makes you happy.  Our Challenge will start any time after August 10, 2020 and your masterpiece must be returned to Sew-Jo’s no later than October 31, 2020.  The completed Masterpieces will then be photographed and posted on our website, as well as on facebook, for people to vote on.   The project with the most votes will receive a prize.

The Mystery for your Masterpiece is in the kit.  Pick up the kit from Sew-Jo's for $15.

Your kit will be in a sealed numbered paper bag.  That’s right! You don’t know what you are getting.  

Challenge Instructions

  • Your completed Masterpiece must be at least 18” x 18” but not larger than 30” x 30”, if it is a quilt.  It doesn't have to be a quilt; it can be something else, if you choose, as long as it meets the remaining criteria.  Some of you are garment makers - a garment is a valid option.  Some of you are dollmakers - a doll is a valid masterpiece.
  • You must use at least ¾ of each fat quarter and at least some of your 6” x 6” fabric.
  • You can use up to four (4) additional fabrics to complete your Masterpiece.  If it is a quilt, backing fabric and binding, is not included in the additional fabric count.
  • Attach pieces of your kit fabric to your finished Masterpiece when you bring it back to Sew-Jo’s
We may have to keep your Masterpiece at the store for awhile but it will be returned to you as soon as possible. 

There are no restrictions on which techniques you use in your Masterpiece.  In fact we encourage using your accessories, quilting techniques, specialty feet, embroidery, applique, decorative stitches and anything else you can think of.    In fact we challenge you to use a variety of techniques to add interest. ;-)

If you are interested you can either: sign up on line (by searching for "mystery" and adding to your cart), call the store, come into the store or send in an email to indicating interest.  We will then prepare the kits for you to come in and pick up.

We can’t wait to see what you create in this Summer Masterpiece Challenge.  

Hope you can join in the fun!
Jo and Cathy