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Kimberbell Monthly Club at Sew-Jo's

Kimberbell Monthly Club  - July 2020

Welcome to the Sew-Jo's Kimberbell Club! 

Your membership for the club entitles you to twelve different projects - each month you will receive all the files you need to get you going.  As well, there is a bonus project that we will talk about some time in the next few months.

If you haven't already done so this month, come into the store "with your USB" and we will copy all the files you need to get the project done. We will repeat this process every month, anytime after the 10th of the month.  (Kimberbell does not allow us to send you the files electronically over e-mail.)  If you miss getting your designs for any of the projects during the month being offered, you can get them the next time you get into the store

Under “normal circumstances” we would be hosting a monthly Kimberbell in-store demonstration.  However, with the ongoing pandemic, instead of delaying the launch of this Club we are opting to provide you with the PowerPoint presentation that we would normally be showing in-store at a monthly Club meeting to assist you in completing each project.  If you have any questions or issues feel free to call the store during open hours or e-mail us at

The project for the month of July is all about zipper pouch bags.  This project comes in a variety of sizes - small, medium, large and xlarge, depending on the size hoop you use.  We would of course prefer if you use our fabrics for your projects.

Show n Tell is half the fun of projects like these!  It would be fun if you share your projects on our Sew-Jo's FaceBook page.  If you don't have a FaceBook account, please feel free to send us pictures of your completed projects and we will post them for you.  Tell your friends, tell your enemies; tell everyone about how easy these projects are!

We will send out another e-mail close to the 10th of August to let you know what's happening next month.  For some months, we will put together a kit that can be purchased.  We will let you know in the e-mail when we can.

Have fun!

Your friends at Sew-Jo's