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Premier+2 Software Update

Premier+2 Software Update June 2019



Hello again everyone,

In case you haven't heard elsewhere, there was a bug in the last update in that the HV EPIC and Pfaff Icon machines would not communicate correctly with the software.  This problem has now been resolved and a new update is now available. 

If you have already done the update to 12.4 and own either of these machines, you may want to do another Smart Update.  If you don't have one of these machines, then there is no rush for you to do it.  For information purposes, the most recent version of the software is now  You can find the version you are running by opening the Premier+2 Embroidery Extra module, clicking on Help tab then selection About.

If you have any issues or difficulties with the update, please let me know and I will do what I can to resolve for you.  I have the most recent file available to pass on to you if it helps.  This latest update only affected the Applications download file.

Cathy Hamilton