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EPIC, EPIC 980Q and Brilliance 80 Firmware Update

EPIC, EPIC 980Q and Brilliance 80 Update

Hello everyone,

In case you haven't heard, Husqvarna Viking recently launched updates for various sewing machines. The releases were staggered so not all consumers were trying to update their products at the same time.  The Machine Updates were sent out via the WiFi connection, and you may have noticed a message on your machine asking to install the update.

The machine updates include:
  • Improving performance when communicating within mySewnet™ ecosystem
  • Improved support for mySewnet™ Project Creator (Sending stitches and designs from user created projects to machine)
  • Stability and performance Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
If you have any issues updating your machine, or if your machine is not on WiFi, please contact us for assistance.  We will be happy to help you ensure your machine has the most recent programming.

As well, updates for the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Joy OS Advisor™ were made available on the App store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android devices.  The updates include these improvements:
  • Support for Project Creator – iOS (Sending stitches and designs from user created projects to machine)
  • Support for Designer Brilliance 80 - iOS and Android
  • Fixes of Android crashes - Android
  • General bug fixes and improvements - Android and iOS
If you haven't tried the apps for your sewing machine, stay tuned.  We have a Husqvarna Viking educator coming to the store on July 11 and 12.  One of the events will show you all about these free tools. Tools include the above mentioned Advisor, plus QuickDesign (which transforms a photograph taken by your device into an embroidery design) and MySewMonitor (which allows you to keep track of your machine's activity when away from the machine) plus the new Project Creator (which allows you to share your projects with friends and colleagues).  Alternatively you can drop in the store any time for a demo.

Jo and Cathy