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Premier+2 Software Update

Premier+2 Software Update June 2019



Hello everyone,

In case you haven't heard elsewhere, a new update for the Premier+2 software has just been released.  You can use Smart Update to automatically have the software installed, or you can go to PremierPlusembroidery Support website and download the updated files to your computer and install each component separately. However, the files are quite large - almost 2.5 GB. If you prefer, I have downloaded the files that can be copied to your laptop or a USB stick to save you the time and potential aggravation of doing the update yourself.  Feel free to drop into the store when I am in if this is of benefit to you.  I suggest you call in advance to make sure I am in that day. If you are coming to club this month, I can pass on the files then as well.

The ReadMe file for this update indicate the following changes:

PREMIER+™ 2 Embroidery/Embroidery Extra

You can now make changes to a font created with Import Font from Embroideries. Add or replace letters, change the baseline, drag from Finder, and a live preview in your Embroidery window.

Many bug fixes.



  •          Typo fixed

o   Premier+2InspirationPREMIER+ 2 DisplayStitchFlower.vp4

  •          Year changed to match exercise

o   Premier+2EmbStitchCamp Pine Diary.vp4

Cross Stitcher

  •          New version of photo

o   CrossPicsBells phone photo.jpg

New Samples for Exercises:

  •          Embroidery

o   Premier+2EmbStitch2Serif Cross Alphabet - all files

  •          Cross Stitcher

o   CrossKRZHappy House Extra Colors.krz

  •          PhotoStitch

o   PhotoStPicsArthurNoBackground.png

  •          Create

o   CreatePicsSchooner.png



Updated Fonts:

  •          Traditional - Fine Corsiva 6-10mm
  •          Traditional - Story UC 15-30mm
  •          Traditional - Story UC 25-60mm

New Fonts:

  •          Display - Harris 2C 20-80mm
  •          Display - Harris 20-80mm
  •          Display - Harris Line 12-80mm


New SuperDesigns:

  •          ChildStyle - School Days 1
  •          ChildStyle - School Days 2
  •          Corners - Corners 5
  •          Sports - Soccer 1
  •          Transport - Silhouettes 1
  •          Transport - Transport 1


Updated Projects:

  •          Novelty - Gecko 1
  •          Novelty - Gecko 2

As well, Mr. Patience has sent out a notice indicating there is one change that is NOT listed in the Readme rtf file.  A change has been made to the Curved Crosshatch tool in Premier+™ 2 Create. You can now place a Motif Line into a Curved Crosshatch fill when you create this kind of stitch object or use it in the quilt wizard.

Check out the June 2019 Embroidery Newsletter which has also just been released.  It discusses a couple videos on the changes using embroidery fonts. The changes made in this new release make it so much faster and easier to create your “MyFonts” using embroidery designs.

If you have any issues or difficulties with the update, please let me know and I will do what I can to resolve for you.

If any of these new features sound like something you would like to explore in a future software club, please let me know this as well.

Cathy Hamilton