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November Newsletter

November Newsletter

It’s been a while since I have taken the time to catch you up on the latest happenings at Sew-Jo’s.

This summer has been an awesome experience! Many thanks to everyone who contributed to making Sew-Jo’s the success it has become. We had an exceptional Grand Opening on September 15th with over a hundred of you coming to pay us a visit. A huge THANK-YOU to those who spent so much of their summer helping to make this dream a reality!

We are continuing to tweak our setup to accommodate more stock and for your comfort while visiting with us. We have added a small kitchenette with a sink and fridge. The microwave, coffee maker and kettle are there so that students can bring their lunch or just make a hot drink when they need a break. We have even managed to squeeze out a small service area so that we will be able to check out any machines that may need a quick tweak!

 We have had some very positive feedback on the classes held so far.  Sherida and Jutta have done paper piecing classes. Rachel has kept us entertained and inspired with her travel bag. Janet sparked everyone's creativity with recycled jeans resulting in beautiful yet practical duffel bags.  Jutta has inspired a new group of sewers in her beginner sewing class. Kay shared her enthusiasm and energy while teaching others how to create their own legging pattern. Jane’s fabric portrait class has introduced garment sewers to a whole new way of looking at things and Cathy has the software folk learning about cross stitching on the embroidery machine.  We have had so much interest in the Quilting with Rulers Class that we have had to add a another one to the schedule. Cathy has also added another for her Carpenter Star quilt class! The classroom has been a busy and exciting place since we have opened and we are already planning our second schedule of classes.  In the new schedule we will repeat some of the most popular classes and as usual, have some new and inspiring ideas planned. However, we are always open to requests and suggestions for new and different things that might interest you.  After all, Sew-Jo's is meant to be a place for YOU to come and play so please feel free to send us your suggestion and requests.

The October sale period is over and the November Flyer is about to be launched!

Sew here's what’s new!

Cathy and I have just come back from a dealer meeting in Toronto and have brought back the new DESIGNER BRILLIANCE ™80 embroidery machine and the BRILLIANCE™ 75Q machine. The new DESIGNER BRILLIANCE™ 80 machine has a combination of the features we loved on both the Ruby and Diamond with the Wi-Fi capability we have come to expect from the Epic! It is not only beautiful, it stitches really, really fast!  The Brilliance 80 is presently coming with a launch package that includes that awesome gray roller bag, a brand new HUSQVARNA VIKING® Tote and a brand new HUSQVARNA VIKING® scissor set. We saw the tote in Toronto, and it’s much bigger than previous accessory totes sold by HUSQVARNA VIKING®.  It is made from a pretty sewing motif fabric and should hold any foot you will ever purchase for your machine! You will be able to purchase these new accessory kits on their own if you choose.

The new BRILLIANCE™ 75Q machine is filling the gap caused by the retirement of the sapphire 965Q.  It is a handsome red and has the same colour touch screen that we loved on the Sapphire.  It has also been designed to sew fast and through thicker fabrics.  It has more of the specialty stitches that are unique to the HUSQVARNA VIKING® series and comes with the same grey roller bag as part of the launch package.  Both of these new machines now live at Sew-Jo's and are ready for you to come and give them a test ride!

Other than the new machines, we have also been adding to the notions and fabric inventory that we started with. We have had a selection of quilting rulers come in. The batik fabrics which were back ordered when we opened have arrived and Linda is bringing in more of her hand dyed threads.  We have finally decided to make the plunge and replace the Mettler brand sewing threads with Gutermann thread. They are almost half the price and equal quality.  Cathy has just texted me today to let me know they have arrived and she is feverishly working to get them into our inventory!    We are expecting new stands to hold 120 cotton thread colours and 120 polyester colours as well as the larger spools that you have been asking for. I will see what has shown up when I get in tomorrow.

At the Toronto dealer meeting we were also reminded about the free app for smart phones and tablets called Joy OS Advisor. You can get it from the Apple Store or the Play Store depending on what device you have.  It's FREE!  You don’t need a machine with Wi-Fi to use this app, or even an embroidery machine! It contains all the how-to lessons or classes that are built right into the sewing machine!! that are included in both EPIC™ machines and now the new BRILLIANCE™ machines. It has basic sewing modules that will show you how to put in a collar, add pockets, put in zippers and a whole lot more. If you’re new to quilting it has quilting instructions that shows you all about 1/4" piecing or appliqué. If you have an embroidery machine it will tell you all about the different techniques you can do with that. There are even projects for bags, cushions and fashion accessories! Come in and Cathy can show you all about it. In fact, there are other free apps as well that we learned about at the meeting that she will be happy to show to you.

Oh, and we have decided to rent time on our Platinum 16! It is a sit down mid arm quilting machine.  I know that many of you have quilts to finish before Christmas and if the Platinum 16 would make it easier, please feel free to come and check it out.

I hope you will come and join the fun! You are OUR excuse to play!!