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Tiling Your Quilt

Recreate your favourite landscape scene by taking pieces of fabric and cutting into rectangles or diamonds, placing them at an angle over a dark background. Voila! You have a potential sky for a fabric landscape scene. You can incorporate many colours, values and textures in one small area.

The Retreat Bag

The Retreat Bag is a simple zippered pouch with a wide base and a wide structured opening. There is a casing in the top where you insert two wire frames (one on each side), which helps it stay open when open, and helps turn the corners down when closed. It has two optional slip pockets inside and a long zipper that helps it open wide.

Sew your own Jeans

Using your own jeans pattern created in the "Draft Your Own Custom Fit Jeans Pattern" class, learn how to sew up your jeans. Learn what makes jeans, jeans, and how you want them to fit. Lots of hands-on techniques.

Mar 27
Sit 'n Sew
Mar 30
Owners Class - Computerized Machines
Mar 30
Beginner's Baby Quilt or Lap Quilt